Speed-controlled longboard underglow lighting

The idea The idea for this project comes from the light addon kits people install on sports cars. The visual effect can be quite stunning from the right angles. Typically, the light remains constant and gives an almost floating appearance to the car so I figured the effect might look cool on a longboard. The […]

Spherical Coordinates for a Third-person perspective

The Idea I have always been fond of the Third person perspective in video games and after my course about multivariate analysis, I finally understood how I can pull it off. A video game typically uses Cartesian coordinates (X Y Z) for the game logic but in order to have a rotating camera around the […]

HTML controlled RC-car

The Origin The whole idea comes from a video game called Watch dogs 2 that i had recently picked up for a bargain at the Humble bundle store. In the game you play as a “Hacktivist” called Marcus who has a knack for hacking and electronics and one of the first gadgets the player gets […]