Personal information

My name is Douglas Halse.

Personal interests

I have had a huge interest for technology since day one. Ever since getting my hands on a Nintendo 64 i have had an unending thirst for how technology works and what is possible do with the help of computers.

Academic experience

High school

3 years high school with focus on science and engineering. Included college math preparation.

I attended REAL gymnasiet Norrköping.


I am studying for my degree of Master of Science in Engineering with a focus on computer science and artificial intelligence. I will graduate in 2022.

I am currently attending Örebro University of Sweden.

Work experience

2016 – Skate park security and kiosk attendant

During the summer of 2016 i got the job as Groundskeeper and kiosk manager and was responsible for the park. I also ran the kiosk at the park ran multiple services such as selling food items and drinks. I also handled renting of skateboards. I had the responsibility that all the rules of the skatepark was followed and that order was maintained.

2017 – Safety inspector and attraction host

During the summer of 2017 I worked as a safety inspector for the roller coaster rides that is available at Kolmården Wildlife Park. At the park i was responsible for performing daily safety and security checks to ensure the safety of the customers. A regular work day started with a 40 minute car ride to start my shift at 06:00.

To ensure proper function i followed the daily safety inspection form and verified that everything was in order and replaced any wear and tear parts that had to be changed. After all the inspections and maintenance my role at the park transitioned into being a attraction host at the ride called “Wildfire”.

Working at the ride i made sure all the park visitors had a great time and that they were safe during their stay. I answered questions about the park and told the riders about the safety precautions that we had in place. While being a attraction host you need meet all the customers with respect and a smile.